What is a Steptax?

Steptax was, in a physical sense, a server with some stuff on it run from a home office somewhere in Pinner, England.
Over the years, however, Steptax also became a semi-private gaming community.
The server has since been decommissioned, but most of the services live on and are hosted for the Steptax community.

You can read more about Steptax, both the server and community, on the About page.


We host a handful of services, both public and private.
Below is a selection of some of them, but you can find a full list on the About page.

Extended Network

Steptax is gone but there are other machines on the Steptax Network. We currently have a total of six machines ranging from a jack-of-all trades box right down to a VPS dedicated to uptime monitoring.

Discord Bots

Rubum, a Pi 4, is the home of the three Discord bots we have in our Discord guild: Flumen, Ainsley and Steptax Bot. Why not join us to test them out?