What the hell is a steptax?

Steptax was a server run in a home office in Pinner, England. Its extended network lives on in its legacy to host Discord bots, game servers, a handful of websites plus a few other backend, private, magic things.
The name 'Steptax' was completely random and doesn't actually mean anything.

The gaming community, not at all confusingly with the same name, naturally formed alongside the physical server.
It is primarily made up of the former owners of the now-dead server plus their inner circle of friends who also like video games and other techy, nerdy things. You can join the Steptax Discord here to join in on the fun.

Steptax (the server) was created by Elliot and Bevan when Bevan claimed his mother's old computer and repaired it. With help from Elliot it became a cheap and crappy home-run server. It was later replaced with a more powerful machine purchased on eBay, which died after several years of loyal service. Since then, additional hardware has been purchased allowing for different services (like this website) to be hosted.

Elliot and Bevan both work in highly technical jobs full-time and develop the Steptax network of servers as a fun and educational side project.

The other servers on the Steptax Network remain alive and well. Steptax, the server, will live on only in name.
Ludere, a repurposed HP ProDesk running Debian is our workhorse.
Varius, a reclaimed HP EliteDesk runs ProxMox with two VMs for various services.
Pectus, an 8TB Synology with an 8TB external disk for our storage needs.
Rubum, a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (4GB), hosts this website (among others) and all of our Discord bots.
Altor, a cheap VPS hosted in London, monitors all services on the Steptax Network to notify us of outages.


 Steptax Bot Steptax's administration, user management, community entertainment and music bot.
 Ainsley Steptax's resident shitposting and meme bot, with some bonus text functions.
 Flumen Flumen announces in the Steptax Discord and Twitter when our Twitch-streaming members goes live.
Steptax.win The website you're currently on.
TeRRa4.pro Bevan's website which literally just has his branding and a link to his Twitch.
& more! Steptax also hosts a handful of other sites for various reasons and people. 

Do you have any future plans for Steptax?

We're always exploring and adding new services for our members, but we don't have any solid plans.
You can join the Steptax Discord to keep up-to-date with our escapades, and maybe even join us for some gaming!

What's your uptime like?

We're proud of the fact that we have a 99% overall uptime 99% of the time.
Most of our stuff is pretty damn stable. You can check on all of our services by clicking this link.

We want to ask you other things!

If that's true, you can join our Discord and spam tag us.